1-1: Lugo and Real Zaragoza draw to avoid falling into the relegation zone thumbnail

1-1: Lugo and Real Zaragoza draw to avoid falling into the relegation zone

Lugo and Zaragoza neutralized each other (1-1) in two minutes, those that passed between Chris Ramos’ goal almost half an hour into the game and the penalty that Borja Sáinz transformed to restore the tables and distribute the points that allow them finish the day out of the relegation positions, although close to them.

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Cristian Álvarez defended in the first half the goal in which he thrashed in discount last season. This time there was no last minute miracle. His team, Zaragoza, started the game better than the locals and Zapater was about to confirm it with facts at 18 minutes with a header, on the plate, which went wide.

Lugo took a long time to plug in, but a couple of sparks were enough to warn him, first, with a throw-in by Gerard Valentín that Manu Barreiro combed and went through the baseline, and then score with a center from the extreme Catalan who successfully connected Chris Ramos with his head and free of mark in the 28th minute.

The offensive success of the Lugo was followed by the error in defense with almost no time between one action and another. Ros cleared Iván Azón’s leg instead of the ball and Borja Sainz transformed the penalty without getting nervous.

Lugo rebuilt, but their attacks before the break did not prosper, with a shot from Barreiro to a pass from Lebedenko that Cristian saved in two halves and another shot by Chris Ramos, again with the assistance of Gerard Valentín, who went to clouds.

Juan Ignacio Martínez gave entry to Juanjo Narváez and Fran Gámez after passing through the changing rooms and preferred to substitute Nano Mesa at game time, who was yellow for protesting a foul. Faced with the risk of expulsion, the coach sent him to the bench, to which he arrived with an anger that he exhibited with a kick, a few words to the public and a punch.

Zaragoza squeezed and had chances to complete the comeback: two strokes by Eguaras (m.68 and 74), a shot by Narváez that Vieites kicked out (m.71) and, then, a shot by Argentine Valentín Vada who he did not catch a miracle goal.

Lugo responded in a foul that Campabadal hung up, Ros headed and Xavi Torres finished off the back of the net, but offside, an incorrect position that the VAR confirmed for the distribution of points.



Real Zaragoza

Lugo: Vieites; Campabadal, Ros, Xavi Torres (Ricard Sánchez, m.80), Alende, Lebedenko (Canella, m.80); Gerard Valentín (Carillo, m.88), Hugo Rama (Seoane, m.55), Sené, Chris Ramos (Jaume Cuéllar, m.87); and Manu Barreiro.
Real Zaragoza: Cristian Álvarez; Lluis López, Francés, Jair, Nieto (Fran Gámez, m.46); Zapater, Eguaras, Francho (Álvaro Jiménez, m.85); Nano Mesa (Vada, m.64), Iván Azón (Juanjo Narváez, m.46) and Borja Sainz (Bermejo, m.79).
Goals: 1-0, M.28: Chris Ramos. 1-1, M.32: Borja Sainz, from a penalty.
Referee: García Verdura (Catalan Committee). He showed yellow to Nano Mesa (m.63), from Zaragoza; and to Xavi Torres (m.69), from Lugo.
Incidents: Match of the seventh day of LaLiga SmartBank played in the Anxo Carro before some 2,000 spectators. Before the match, Lugo paid tribute to the Olympic athlete (fifth in the 800-meter final in Tokyo 2020) Adrián Ben, a native of the Lugo town of Viveiro, who took the honor kick and wore a home team jersey with number 5 and your name.

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