1-0, Valcarce signs the triumph of Burgos against ‘Ponfe’ thumbnail

1-0, Valcarce signs the triumph of Burgos against ‘Ponfe’

The Burgos was reunited with victory in El Plantío against Ponferradina (1-0) thanks to a early goal by Pablo Valcarce that allows the black-and-white team to leave the bottom of the table and get three points from relegation after three consecutive defeats.

The Valcarce’s success marked this regional derby in which the Ponferradina came to crash three shots into Caro’s goal and he was more run down looking for the tie than showing signs of the brilliance that in other days has been seen.

Burgos came out with a lot of offensive power, with a great protagonism of Pablo Valcarce which forced the Ponferradina to be in their own field although first it scared the team of López Bolo, from Enrich’s boots.

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It was then that the El Bierzo team was encouraged to attack and both teams were decided to go for the goal, which Burgos found with a flat shipping to the area where Valcarce appeared and put the ball next to the right post of Lucho’s goal.

Naranjo gave a second warning to CaroAfter a false start by the black and white goalkeeper, the player smashed the shot against the crossbar and far from collapsing, the Bercians kept trying with great intensity.

With a very vibrant first half, with many arrivals by both teams and that despite the fact that Burgos was ahead on the scoreboard, the second half was very open to both teams.

Much pace by Ponferradina after the restart, in fact the VAR annulled a goal by Yuri offside and Naranjo was about to score twice, taking over the game in this initial stretch of the second half.




1-Burgos CF: Caro, Raúl Navarro, Aitor Córdoba, Grego Sierra, Fran García, Valcarce (Alarcón min 70), Mumo (Ernesto min 87), Andy, Saúl Berjón (Álvaro Rodriguez min 64), Juanma (Miguel Rubio min 91 ) and Álex Alegría (Guillermo min 75)
0-Ponferradina: Lucho García, Paris Adot, Pascanu (Adri Castellanos min 46), Amo (Espiau min 87), Ríos, Morán, Cristian Rodríguez (Yuri min 46), Naranjo (Kuki Zalazar min 81), Medina, Saverio (Dani Ojeda min 58) and Enrich Goals: 1-0 M.19: Valcarce.
Referee: He admonished Valcarce for the local team (min 40) and for the visitors to Morán (min 38). He expelled Cristian Rodríguez (min 95) for protests from the bench.
Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 16 of the Smartbank League held at the El Plantío Municipal Stadium before 7463 spectators.

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This step forward of the Bercianos made Burgos suffer a lot since the visiting occasions without luck and that lack of success began to weigh heavily. those of López Bolo who in the final stretch The chances decreased and allowed Burgos to be more comfortable in defense, although Amo found himself again, for the third time in the encounter with the wood of the goal defended by Caro.

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