(0-5) ‘Slap’ on Atlético’s dream of reaching the Youth League final thumbnail

(0-5) ‘Slap’ on Atlético’s dream of reaching the Youth League final

The Atletico Madrid could not get into the final Youth League to put the climax to a great season. The mattress team paid for their inexperience against a more physical, intense, hardened rival and more involved in what the semifinal of this tournament needed. A rival with almost all of its players already playing in the Second Austrian division.

The team of Ricardo Ortega Y Fernando Torres suffered before a RB Salzburg Much more powerful physically than the mattresses. A rival who pressed high, intense and who did not leave the Athletic impose its highest technical quality. Players of great importance who put in trouble those of Ricardo Ortega Y Fernando Torres on set pieces. Also in second moves, as was shown on several occasions in the first minutes with shots from Kameri, Agyekum either Atiabou.

It was very difficult to defend those plays against the Austrian towers and the balls that went towards the edge ended in dangerous shots that Iturbe had to conjure up. But the ‘Red Bulls’ were not only physical, but also quality. And in a quarter of an hour, Kameri drove the ball, teamed up with Agyekum to sneak into the area, try to contact simic heel without success. With luck for the midfielder that the ball returned to his feet, he crossed low to the peak of the small area where the Croatian crossed ahead of a ibra that had lost reference.

Atlético seemed somewhat nervous, unable to put on the field what this season has made them dominate youth football in our country. The occasions were few, just a center of Corral to which it was thrown Carlos Martin without arriving; Others laque of fault of the own left interior that touched in the high part of the net of the goal…


And the second blow came. Fruit of that other football that the Athletic. Coming out of a corner, the Romanian Horatiu Fesnic he warned everyone not to hold on. Then, simic was smarter than Javier Serrano and dropped at a light touch. Penalty and 0-2.

It was clear that it was not the afternoon of the Athletic. After half an hour, the team lost one of its great references in attack. Carlos Martin he was injured in a sprint and had to leave the field.

The RB Salzburg sentenced the semifinal before the break. A bad ball out of the Athleticspherical recovered by the Austrians, Kameri made a wall with simicand the first hit it to the square.


The Athletic He made several changes at half-time, also to the system, from 3-5-2 to 4-3-3, which at times gave him a little more fluidity without either ending up signing occasions of outstanding danger.

The salzburgfor his part, lowered his intensity somewhat, knowing that he had it in his hand, but even so, he generated a few more chances and extended the scoreboard with a shot from Sahin from outside the area he played in Kosti and surpassed Iturbe with a parabola that went in after touching the crossbar.

Nothing came of it Athletic. Pity.


(0-5) 'Slap' on Atlético's dream of reaching the Youth League final


ATHLETIC MADRID: Iturbe; Sergio Díez, David Navarro (Óscar Campos, 46′), Ibra Camara, Kostis; Pablo Barrios, Gismera (Valdera, 70′), Javi Serrano (Ricoy, 70′), Corral (David Vilan, 46′); Carlos Martín (Marcos Denia, 33′) and Salim El Jebari.

RB SALZBURG: Stejskal; Atiabou, Baidoo, Wallner, Ibersberger (Halwachs, 53′); Agyekum (Moswitzer, 72′), Kameri (Zeteny, 61′), Sahin (Berki, 72′), Hofer (Pejazic, 53′); Diakite and Simi.

Goals: 0-1, min.15, Simic; 0-2, min.27 Simic (penalty); 0-3, Kameri, min. 43; 0-4, Sahin, min 67: 0-5, Diakite, min. 92.

Referee: Horatiu Fesnic (Romania). He admonished Ibertsberger (Min. 24); Javi Serrano (Min. 26); Hofer (Min. 36), Sahin (Min. 60), Halwachs (Min. 70); Moswitzer (Min.78)

Match played at the Center Sportif de Colovray.

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