0-2: Women's Madrid remains undefeated in preseason thumbnail

0-2: Women’s Madrid remains undefeated in preseason

Real Madrid adds its third consecutive victory in this preseason. Osasuna, Royal Society and Slavia Prague they haven’t been able to hurt a white team that, with one game to go to finish their stay in Prague, has a balance of 8 goals for and 1 against.

The set of Bullpen He traveled to Prague to play the last two preparation games for the next season. With the qualifying round 1 for the UEFA Women’s Champions League on the horizon, the coaching staff decided to continue testing their players, betting on Teresa and Toletti in midfield and with Weir As an inside left forward, giving depth to the attacking game.

With a slower pace of play than that shown in the Sentimiento Cup, White soon controlled possession and attacking actions. Esther, with great participation in the game, sent the ball to the net completely alone after a great individual play by Moller in the 13th minute. The Danish, in constant support with Weir, did not stop in his attempts to score the second. With the half hour of the game completed, White stopped dominating the ball so much, although through Esther they continued to monopolize the clearest chances.

The second goal would come with a play similar to that of the first, but this time from the right wing. Olga after a great driving through the center of the field opened the band to Athena who did not hesitate to hang a low center that Weir finished with pleasure. With this, the Scotsman adds her third goal in three games with the real Madrid.

The players of Slavia of Prague they had nothing to do with White’s monologue. The Czechs searched with long shots and the speed of Kožárová and Divišová disturb the goal of meline gerard.

With no changes at halftime, both teams slowed down the pace of the game. The Slavia of Prague with one more point of intensity, he took possession of the ball and made Gerard work hard so that the distance on the scoreboard was not reduced.

The reaction of real Madrid it did not took her long to arrive. A great cross from Olga was finished off by Athena beating Lukáŝovábut the referee was quick to point out the offending position of the attacker.

After 70 minutes of the match, the white players were still trying to increase the distance on the scoreboard. Nahikarijust entering the field had a couple of chances that were disrupted by the goalkeeper.

Finally, the 0-2 with which the first half ended, did not budge despite several attempts by those coached by Karel Piták, who disturbed the White defense with long shots. The real Madrid The game ends with a new victory, leaving very good feelings on the pitch.

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