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0-1: A skinny dog, three points

Where the Real won their first league, Sanse won a triumph of enormous value both in qualifying and in spirit. Emulating the first team, he recovered from the numerous casualties he had and in a match in which he was superior to Sporting de Gijón, he ended up taking the victory thanks to a goal that was born at the feet of Blasco and died in those of Olasagasti, which he defined as a ‘killer’. It was necessary to suffer because in relegation positions, with 10 casualties and with a lack of success in the face of goal, there was no other, but it was suffered and that is why victory tastes better.

Circumstances forced Xabi Alonso to design an alignment with Marrero, with 82 minutes of experience at Sanse, as a goalkeeper, Peru Rodriguez debuting in the center of the rear, Marton premiering title as ‘9’ and Pacheco and Navarrese as reinforcements To make everything a little more strange, the Toulouse player changed his usual system for one of four heights with three centrals (Blasco, Rodriguez and Pacheco), two long sides (Alkain and Martin) playing alongside Olasagasti and Sangalli, with Naavarro and Robert Lopez with freedom ahead and Marton on point.

TO David gallego His head was fuming in the first 20 minutes in which Sanse literally danced to Sporting, unable to decipher the movements of the txuri urdin footballers, who roam freely for El Molinón generating real anguish in the rival and a run in the stands, uncomfortable by the submission to which their team was being subjected.

The problem with Sanse is that he was unable to translate his dominance on the scoreboard due to his mistake. In minute 8 Sangalli headed a few meters from the goal a service of Roberto Lopez you sent up. A minute later a candy from Ander Martin in the form of a center did not reach it by centimeters Marton in the mouth of the goal. And in the 17th a team play ended with a heel strike from the realistic tip to Robert navarro, whose auction diverted him Marine with the foot to the crossbar.

From there the local coach adjusted his team and Sporting began to balance the game, although in attack he did not appear, which at times caused the whistles of a sector of the stands. The whistles were an incentive for the locals who at the edge of the break generated their first and only chance, a long ball of Pedro Diaz to space for Berto, which exceeded by speed Peru Rodriguez and shot the body of Marrero. Still they were fired with whistles.

In the resumption the trend was maintained, with Sanse dominating and timidly warning with two shots from Ander Martin and Alkain that he caught without haste Marine. More seriously was the attempt to Marton after a phenomenal pass from Navarrese, but his first shot was taken by the sportinguista goalkeeper with a good hand.

So much insistence finally had his prize exceeded the hour of play when Blasco saw the uncheck of Olasagasti and drew a millimeter shipment that the Donostiarra, with a commendable temper, controlled to overcome Marine and the Asturian defense.

Sporting, highly demanded by the stands, tried to respond with a shot of Berto to a good center that Marrero detoured with a great stop. Shortly after Pablo Garcia had the tie, but his shot stopped them in their tracks Pacheco when he was heading to the bottom of the net. Providencial that of Elizondo.

The final minutes ended up being long for a Sanse who was very demanding in defense in the face of Sporting’s push, but between them they kept the treasure of El Molinón, a field that continues and will continue to be special.

Sporting de Gijón: Marine; Bogdan, Babin, Valiente, Pablo García (Oyón, d. 84); Pedro Díaz, Rivera (Santamaría, d. 76); Aitor (Kravets, m. 62), Villalba, Nacho Méndez; and Berto (César García, m. 76).

Real Sociedad B: Marrero; Blasco, Rodríguez, Pacheco; Alkain, Sangalli, Olasagasti, Martín; Navarro (Aldasoro, m. 66), Roberto López (Dani Garrido, m. 80); and Martón (Magunazelaia, m. 80).

0-1: Olasagasti (m. 62).

Referee: González Francés (Committee of Las Palmas). He admonished the locals Babin and Fran Villalba and the visitor Sangalli.

Incidents: The Molinón-Enrique Castro ‘Quini’. 12,462 spectators.

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